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We are Balanced Home Buyers a local, veteran owned, homeowner solution. Balanced Home Buyers is here for you, and we want to make your home problem as simple as possible. We buy homes in any condition “as-is” for a fair price. We live here, and we buy here and still believe in a face to face relationship. You will never deal with a third party or a computer. Every situation is different, and we take a different approach to each solution we come up with.

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About Us

Why choose us?

When you list your house with a realtor it is a hassle, fees quickly add up and his commisions and repairs that need to get the house ready, soon you realize that you’re going to be pretty far underwater by selling your home. The market in our area is very competitive, so buyers expect a house that has been fully rehabbed, if not close. That could cost up to $50,000 just to get your home noticed. After all that you still have no way of knowing how long your home will be sitting on the market. Well, we have great news for you Balanced Home Buyers is fee free, you pay no commisions, and we close quickly, so you know exactly what you’re getting for your house and how quickly we can close.

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Do you need to sell your house for any of these reasons?

  • Divorce
  • Facing foreclosure
  • Moving to a new place
  • PCS
  • You’re a fed up landlord
  • Inherited an unwanted house
  • House is in bad shape and won’t sell on the market without thousands in repair



Where we buy.

We buy homes in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, Hampton, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and Suffolk.

Our company is committed to earning your trust and making the headache of selling your house balanced and straightforward. We get a new house, and you get the money you deserve. 

The Process

  1. Give us a call (734)502-8992 or fill out our form.
  2. We call you to set up an appointment to see the property.
  3. We will do an evaluation and determine a fair offer.
  4. We will present you with our offer and how we came up with that number.
  5. You determine if you want to accept our offer or not.
  6. If you accept our offer, we will sit at the closing table and exchange keys for money. If our offer wasn’t accepted, we will try and work something out until you are satisfied.

If you’re ready to get rid of that unwanted property and we have convinced you that we will make the process as easy as possible fill out the form below! 

We want to also thank you for stopping by our website and taking the time to see what sets us apart from using a real estate agent.

-Skyler McKinney


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