Meet Our Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to help those who want to sell their house in a quick and simple process without the hassle of a real estate agent.

Core Values

Equal treatment of everyone

How we got our start

The year was 2017 and Skyler had a friend facing foreclosure we will call him Jim. Well, Jim decided that the best way to stop the foreclosure was to sell his house. The house wasn’t in good shape. It needed a new roof, siding, gutters; the inside was just as rough. The kitchen hadn’t been updated since the early ’80s and the bathrooms matched. Jim called a realtor to try and get his house listed. The realator came out and saw the house and started listing off the reason Jim’s house was not going to sell and how much money he was going to need to put into it. Well, Jim was facing foreclosure and didn’t have $45,000 just laying around to put into the house. Jim had driven past a sign earlier that day that said “Cash For Houses” and decided to give them a try. He called the number and didn’t get a response for a week. After he finally got ahold of the cash buyer things just got worse. Jim has strung along as the cash buyer told him one thing and did another, lied to him ignored his calls and just added more stress to Jim. Finally, after 60+ days of playing cat and mouse with the cash buyer, it finally closed. After Jim told me this story, I felt terrible I felt that it was unfair for these Cash buyers to treat people this way and I wanted to start a home buying service that is open, honest, simple, and stress-free. I started Balanced Home Buyers so nobody would have to go through what Jim went through.