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Our Process

We have a simple 3 step process for buying your house.

Step One

You give us a call at (734)502-8992 or fill out our form.

Step Two

We set up an appointment to come and see the property. After we see the home we will determine how much it is worth.

Step Three

You either accept or reject our offer. There is no obligations so feel free to say no. If you accept our offer we close on the house and you get your money.

How We Come Up With Our Offer Price

To come up with our fair offer we take several things into account. We want to make sure you are getting what your house is worth. The process is done in a couple of steps

  1. We determine how much your home is worth at market value. (Move in ready condition.)
  2. We look at what the houses in your neighborhood are selling for.
  3. We determine how much work is going to be needed to bring your house up to market value.
  4. We put all of those numbers into a formula to determine how much your house is worth.

At no time are you signing any contracts or under any obligation until you verbally agree to accept our offer. We will do our best to make sure at the end of the day both parties walk away happy. After we give you an offer, you are always free to make a counteroffer, and we will always try to work something out.


So if we have earned your trust and you are ready to sell your house without the hassle of a real estate agent click the button below.

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